Kinetic Power 

The HUG is a damless system that uses kinetic power of moving water.  Rapids can add 70 MW power without impacting on  the environment. Africa could benefit from its kinetic power of water from rapids. This would provide a return on investment within just a few years.

HUG Malawi Rapids

A Funnel HUG can be adapted to capture kinetic energy in the form of electricity from the tail race of a dam.
Malawi HUG Rapids

Now let’s explain the real reason for the HUG: POWER

The formula for Kinetic Energy is KE= ½ x A x V 3 x (.35) efficiency    (A = area swept; Velocity).        The area of the throat of the HUG is 3.26 m2

 Kinetic Energy = ½ x 3.26 m2 x (7.7 m/s*)3 x .35 = 260kW/turbine x 6 = 1.56 MW

            Acceleration = a = g (acceleration of gravity) = 9.8 m/sec

          (Final Velocity)2 = 2 x a x s (2 x 9.8 m/sec x 3.05 m)= 7.7 m/sec

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