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Our aim is to help the wealth gradually trickle down so that Africa can have the fastest growing middle class in the world. 

A country cannot grow with only a rich class and a poor class! It is acknowledged that many living on US$2 to US$4 a day could easily slip back into poverty. The middle class is presently almost non-existent, when you accurately define them as owning a small house or a car. 


Stage 1   Agricultural Mechanization of Africa                                                   Stage 2   Today’s Tall Trees Nursery: Carbon Tax Fund Resource
Stage 3   Micro Finance and Landlord Cooperative for Irrigation 
Stage 4   Irrigation in Remote Areas using moving water energy.
Stage 5   Electricity in Remote Areas created from moving water.AFRICAPITAL

Africa: the world’s fastest-growing middle class is coming!

As an indicator of recent trends, The Economist magazine, which in 2000 ran a cover story headlined ‘The hopeless continent’ recently U-turned with an article headed ‘The Hopeful Continent’. 
But for those already investing in the continent, their experience is ‘a story of progress, growth, a story of political and economic vibrancy’. African Middle Class

Stimulating Entrepreneurship in Africa

Our Model is for Micro Investments, known as AFRICApitalism. Your passion should be entrepreneurship. For others it may be health care or education. Driving Africa’s economic development by supporting entrepreneurship will bring more people out of poverty than any other solution. We wish to start down the path of strategic philanthropy early: the challenge of supporting the development of Africa in a sustainable way.

Co-investment crowd and professionals invest together under the same financial conditions. LIVING WATER IS CORPORATION, the profit sharing arm of LIVING WATER MICROFINANCE INC. uses the techniques of crowdfunding to give people the opportunity to select and invest alongside professionals, who analyses the investment opportunity. A prospectus may be issued in order to comply with the market regulator’s requirements.


AFRICApital Stimulates Entrepreneurship

There are three models:

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