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How are we changing the world
How are we changing the world?
  • The new patented pipeline, called HUG require little or no huge water pumps. This water pipeline, encourages a laminar flow with little or no friction. This means a water transfer system in Africa would go for hundreds of kilometers with fewer pumps
  • The traditional method is a straight pipeline, which develops a turbulent flow, caused by the friction on the inside lining of this pipeline.
  • This old pipeline system requires several expensive large dimension water pumps and water reservoirs along its pathway with a maximum length of less than 78 km.

HUG Technology

HUG is a patented water transfer system that will literally change the face of our world as we know it. Imagine new fresh water delivered over 1000 km in a HUG ocean pipeline.

Objective: to build an ocean-going pipeline  longer than 1000 km

  • With a pipeline built on the ocean floor, the cost would be close to $3.6 million/mile.
  • Large dimension pumps adds to the cost (every 70 km), which is only possible if a reservoir can be built on nearby land: the cost of $6.4 million/mile.
  • Now let us eliminate the large dimension pumps with a HUG: the cost  is  reduced to less than $1million/mile. What a bargain!

What we call violent conflict should be seen for what it is: poverty hunger, water scarcity & despair. Most of all we need to subdue our fears and cynicism and provide HOPE. We need science and technology.


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